Weeks from 11/14/22 – 11/28/22

The next big issue to tackle was the visual appearance and present-ability. For these few weeks, I have been working with a professional in graphic design to address the issues that I had with the first video. The motion graphics were low quality, the transitions barely existed, and the presentation of visual information was unclear.

The first of those three, the motion graphics, is an easy one to fix. I determined that the most effective course of action will be to cut out motion graphics entirely. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that motion graphics require an intense amount of work, and a major part of designing these videos is doing so in a way that is easy to replicate since there will eventually be over 50 videos. The second reason is that motion graphics are just less visually interesting than real life footage. This is what I plan to replace motion graphics with.

the second of these to tackle is transitions. This was the most difficult to create. Each of these transitions required about the same amount of time as one motion graphic, and I ended up making four(which will all be visible in the final video). This is also where I consulted Ken(the graphic design professional) the most. He helped in making sure that each of the transitions followed the design language of the rest of the project. These transitions are different from the motion graphics in their usability as well. While a motion graphic is created for one specific purpose, each of these transitions can be used for every video with only one or two small changes, making them easily usable over the course of the entire project.

The final issue with the original was the presentation of information through visuals(information on the screen as opposed to being spoken) I used a lot of recordings of my browser and pointing with my mouse. This is a very inconsistent way to show ideas as it depends on my multitasking ability to both talk and keep the visual engaging. For the majority of the final, I plan to do away with this. I will instead voiceover pre-recorded footage to help get around this jumpy prior method.

The final steps will be to record all of the footage, voiceovers, and transitions and compile them into one video.

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