Week of 10/31/22

This week was primarily a week of planning for the final video project. Now that I have met with many different students and mentors to discover what I most need to add or change about my prior video, I have a good sense for what to put into the final. The first major consideration is how to be more concise. The first video was around 15 minutes long. For an informational video, while that is reasonable, It was difficult for students to focus on the content long enough to retain all of the information.

Since this video is educational, there isn’t a lot of entertainment value by definition. In order to keep the attention of the viewers for as long as possible, I made the adjustment to keep the video at or under 6 minutes. This is a MAJOR decrease in overall time from the first video, and I am still aiming to convey all of the same information, so whats the plan? Well the major change is cutting out the unnecessary piece of old less usable drive trains from the past. This section alone took about 5 minutes in the total runtime of the first video. The second major change is cutting down on the how, and focusing on the why. In the organizational structure of this curriculum, strategy comes first, then elements of a robot, and finally skills to build a robot are last. This video falls in the second section which is mainly an overview section talking about how different parts of the robot relate to strategy, making talking about the how of a drive train much less effective.

The script is now complete and can be seen here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-Yw4JOox9qYKxWbPCvaiNU_Y3cpS0TJ8x7CR5iPC4ug/edit?usp=sharing

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