Week of 9/26/22

This week has primarily been used to gather feedback on my demo video. I ended up sending the video to a few teams through a few FRC social media networks. Largely the response to the idea itself was very good. Most teams had felt similar feelings of having nowhere to start learning in the first year or two of their experience. The response to the video itself was similarly positive about the content. The majority of the feedback was talking about issues with overall production quality.

Some of the comments were:

  • Low camera quality
  • Many editing issues that caused distraction
  • Too many advanced terms used when describing parts of robots(not beginner friendly enough)
  • Lighting
  • Slightly too rant like

Most of these comments were fairly expected critiques of my editing skills as well as general low video quality. This was unsurprising given that this is my first video I’ve ever made and the purpose of this video was to test the content delivery of the format. This was for the most part successful with the necessary improvements mostly being to language accessibility and coherence of the script, both things that can be easily addressed.

The main thing I learned from this week was the huge degree that production quality affects the likelihood of someone finishing a video like this. My perception of tutorial style videos was that it was more about content than overall video quality, but this is only partially the case. While the production quality isn’t necessary to convey information, people are very likely to click off a video that isn’t pretty enough for them. This definitely gives me some work to do on the editing style of my videos and I will likely have to invest in either new equipment or find better ways to use my current equipment. Overall though this feedback was very valuable and I will give more updates on how to address these issues in future posts!

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