Week 10/10/22 and 10/17/22

These past few weeks have been dedicated to creating an in depth planning document. I have learned a ton about how to teach others through my meetings with other teams, so these weeks were when I took the time to solidify these new learnings into a full plan which can be found here(only DA accounts can open) : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p0vwW41IEGlp93YD_vL5-pCQjY54NGSseJ1urLRkACM/edit?usp=sharing

Here is a condensed recount of the plan for the full course:

FRC Design Process

  1. In depth guide to design process
  2. General principles of success (what makes a good robot?)
  3. What to prioritize in a game design process (conceptual level)
  4. Full walkthrough of an example game(rapid react, 2022’s game)
  5. Overview of what parts can be used in FRC(electronics, pneumatics, etc)

Overview to a robot in FRC

  1. How do they move
  2. What kind of mechanisms are common (completely conceptual)
  3. How to learn more

CAD skills

  1. Basic skills overview(UI, useful tools, part studio intro, assembly intro, examples/student exercises)
  2. FRC applications of CAD/Onshape tools(gear ratios, student practice, gearbox project, intake project)

So this is the “final” plan for the course! I will likely still make edits to this as I go, but this is a progression that I feel is achievable for anyone to go from completely new to a useful member of the team. For a few weeks I will be working on the production quality piece that I mentioned in my last post. I’ll start working on a “branding” scheme to make the course stand out, create transitions, rendering presets, or other assets to aid in making these videos as high quality as possible.

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